Traditional Pasta Dishes

  • Spaghetti Marinara


    A great one for shellfish lovers consisting of mussels, prawns, cockles,
    king prawns and crevettes all cooked in a light tomato sauce

  • Scozzese


    Smoked salmon, asparagus and prawns in a creamy tomato sauce
    finished with parmesan cheese

  • Pollo and Asparagus*


    Breast of chicken and asparagus spears cooked in a creamy tomato sauce then
    oven baked with mozzarella cheese

  • Spaghetti Bolognese


    A rich homemade tomato sauce with beef and pork mince served with spaghetti

  • Carbonara


    Smoked bacon, mushroom and parmesan cheese in a cream sauce bound with egg

  • Polpette


    Homemade pork and beef meatballs in a light tomato sauce with spagetti

  • Ravioli Con Funghi


    Ravioli filled with porcini mushrooms cooked in a wild mushroom
    and cream sauce and finished with parmesan

  • Fioretti Blu


    Florets of broccoli cooked in a cream sauce with blue cheese & parmesan

  • Lasagne*


    Layers of pasta sheets with a rich beef and pork bolognese sauce, mozzarella,
    parmesan and diced Italian meats and oven baked

  • Ortorlana (v)


    Roast vegetables in a light tomato sauce with a small touch of chilli

  • Pollo a’rabiata **


    Pieces of chicken breast cooked with fresh chillies in a tomato sauce

  • Gamberoni Vesuvio **


    King prawns & prawns in a spicy tomato sauce with a hint of chilli served with spaghetti

Please note: All dishes in the menu marked with a * are served directly from the oven and can be extremely hot, please be aware!
** If if you wish for this dish to be served with extra chillies please ask your waiter/waitress